Ho-Fung Cheung

Ho-Fung is a highly esteemed Master Stylist with 26 years of experience in the hair industry. His journey began at Marvel Beauty School, where he honed his skills and passion for hairstyling. Holding certificates from renowned institutions such as Schwarzkopf and Tony & Guy for cutting and coloring, Ho-Fung has become a true master of his craft.

What captivated Ho-Fung about hairstyling was the transformative power it holds. The ability to shape and color someone’s hair opened up a world of possibilities for him.

If given the chance, Ho-Fung’s desired superpower would be the ability to read people’s minds. Understanding his clients’ desires and aspirations on a deeper level would allow him to tailor his craft to their exact wishes, ensuring complete satisfaction and a truly personalized experience.

As an artist at heart, Ho-Fung thrives on experimentation. He loves pushing boundaries and trying new colors and styles that he hasn’t explored before.

One particular hair transformation that fills Ho-Fung with pride is when he took a client’s hair from blue to blonde. This intricate process required skill, expertise, and a deep understanding of color correction.

Outside of the salon, Ho-Fung enjoys renovating his home. With a keen eye for design and attention to detail, he enjoys transforming spaces and creating an environment that reflects his unique taste and style.

When it comes to travel, Ho-Fung’s ultimate destination is anywhere with good food. He delights in exploring various culinary traditions and savoring delectable dishes from around the world.

Ho-Fung’s extensive experience, unwavering passion for his craft, and commitment to delivering exceptional results make him a sought-after Master Stylist. With his ability to bring out the best in every client and his artistic vision, he continuously elevates hairstyling to an art form, leaving a lasting impact on those who sit in his chair.

“Through skill, creativity, and precision, I strive to make their hair dreams a reality, leaving them feeling transformed, confident, and truly beautiful.”

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