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**Update: I really hesitated to update my review but unfortunately I still can’t say I’m satisfied. Again, left the salon happy just to see that one side is clearly longer than the other. The second hairdresser was really nice as well and definitely knew what she was doing. I just wish she would’ve noticed the issue. It’s really noticeable and a big no go with the length I have. I double checked it to make sure it’s not just the way it falls. Too bad. I don’t think I would recommend this place to my friends - won’t come back. But appreciate them getting back to me for fix the first issues.

I got a haircut today but unfortunately I’m not satisfied. I came with long hair till my lower back and wanted to get a long bob. So you can imagine it’s a big change. Naturally I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. The stylist seemed like he knew what I wanted right away. However I would've appreciated a bit more communication. It’s not a big deal but made me realize later I should’ve questioned it more. I wanted it shorter, he hesitated. I agreed but made sure we can still change it after just in case. Once he was done he realized my lack of excitement and made it a tiny bit shorter but rushed through it. Literally in seconds with the machine (I wasn’t even wearing a cover at this point anymore - still have hair all over my clothes) Not precisely enough. I have straight hair so you’ll always be able to tell if the cut is not done well. I left the salon quite happy, because the haircut does look nice at first but when I got home I saw the mistakes. 85$ is a lot of money. I didn’t expect mistakes like this. Definitely need to fix it. 2 stars because he was being really nice & would’ve done a good job probably if we went with the length I wanted from the beginning.
Got a cut and colour last week!
Really, really love the colour - the stylist did an amazing good job 🙂 5/5

For the cut, I’m slightly sad as my hair is much shorter than I anticipated.
I just wanted to clean up the ends, maybe take off like 1-2cm in length but I’m realizing now my hair is quite shorter than requested.
For reference, the first pic was taken 1 month ago (I imagine my hair was even longer prior to the cut) and the second pic is the length of my hair today.
The haircut part of the service was also probably under 7 minutes so it was odd being charged for the a full cut. (Though Im not sure how the services/prices are broken down)
3.5/5 stars for my overall experience

I know hair grows back but a girl just wanted long lush hair for the summmeerrrr :’( :’( :’(
Hair cut by: Baraa Abourass
Short layers- shoulder length
First thing i noticed: she dint pull the hair like many other hair stylists do. I dint even feel the heat on my scalp when she was styling it.
She is damn silent- but her work speaks a lot!
With so much patience and concentration she transformed my hair, just with a nice cut!
Please try a cut with her- and u will not get disappointed at all!!
I almost cried, in a good way!
Elena is magical. After not having my hair highlighted in a year, and a bad Demi-Permanent colour, she worked her magic. She was so fun to be around while she worked on my hair, explaining what she was doing every step of the way.
After going through a large transition, and she made me feel like myself again, which is priceless.
We did baby-lights, shadow root and a cut.
Go to her. You will not regret it!
I'm incredibly disappointed with my experience here. I booked a full balayage and walked out with a full head of highlights- the stylist only used foils. I booked with a senior stylist expecting to get a great result and instead I got the worst dye job of my life. I wanted to have a nice, subtle, blended dark blonde/caramel balayage and my hair is super light and STRIPEY. I expressed to the stylist that I needed warm tones but she insisted on neutral beige. My natural hair has a red tint to it so this colour clashes and looks incredibly unnatural. I took a photo of my roots just to see and they look awful. I showed many photos of what I wanted and my hair doesn't even look close to any of them. Now I am questioning how I am going to fix this as I probably need to have colour blended from my root downwards to make it look more natural and seamless. They offered a complimentary toner but that won't fix the terrible lightening job that was done on my hair and took close to 4 hours.

Update: They did a complimentary root smudge and colour melt with toner, and I like my hair much more now. See second and third photos. I would have loved to have had this look while keeping my virgin hair at my roots intact, but I'm satisfied with the outcome and think I'll like it even more the next time I get it toned.

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